Spinach pear fennel celery cucumber ginger lime lemongrass
Carrot cucumber apple turmeric lime ginger
Beetroot carrot cucumber blood orange ginger
Grapefruit pineapple apple fennel cucumber ginger
Mandarin carrot cucumber thai basil pear tumeric
Beetroot carrot apple parsnip lime ginger
Carrot cucumber pomegranate turmeric lime ginger
Spinach broccoli apple parsley celery lemongrass
Pineapple fennel apple cucumber lemongrass ginger
Carrot sweet potato mango cucumber fennel coconut water kalamansi ginger


Sesame and almond milk porridge, roasted plums, toppings
Oat, mixed seeds, nuts, sea salt and chocolate granola, cherry compote, greek yoghurt
Oat, mixed seeds, nuts, granola, mixed berry compote, Greek yoghurt
Citrus bircher muesli, mixed berry compote, coconut shavings
Passion fruit and mango bircher muesli, mixed berry compote, coconut shavings
Passion fruit and mango chia pudding, caramelised pumpkin seeds, roasted coconut shavings, mango
Seasonal fruit salad, Greek yoghurt, toasted coconut shavings, mixed seeds


Rhubarb and blackberry slice
Raw fig, macadamia, almond, orange, goji berry bar
Raw fig, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, orange, goji berry bar
Cashew, almond and raspberry bar
Date, prune, mixed seed and cocoa flapjack
Sour cherry flapjack
Chocolate coated date, seed, cashew, cocoa nibs square, goji berry


Cherry and chocolate
Carrot and walnut
Banana chocolate chip
Blueberry crumble
Courgette, sundried tomato, basil and pumpkin seed
Spinach, courgette, buckwheat, cheddar and chilli
Carrot, spinach, buckwheat, feta and cumin
Sweetcorn, spinach, cheddar and jalapeno


Eggs to order: poached, scrambled, fried, home made ketchup and brown sauce

Smoked streaky bacon
Cumberland sausages
Hash browns


Sweet potato, spinach, sundried tomato pesto chilli waffle, Isle of White cherry tomato and avocado salsa
Avocado, pomegranate, mixed seeds, tomato chilli jam, purple shiso cress, E5 Stockholm
Tahini labneh, Isle of White slow roasted tomatoes, urfa chilli, E5 Stockholm v allergen gluten sesame
Butternut squash, spinach and pumpkin seed pancake, tomato chutney and coconut raita
Portobello, shimeji, shitake mushrooms, caramelised shallots, thyme
Spinach, feta, mint and za’atar parcel
Sausage roll
Mushroom and miso roll
Bombay roll


Poppy seed bagel, crispy bacon, slow roasted tomato, baby spinach, tomato chilli jam
Poppy seed bagel, crispy bacon, avocado, tomato chilli jam, baby spinach
Poppy seed bagel, smoked salmon, lemon cream cheese, pickled fennel, alfalfa sprouts, baby spinach
Sesame seed bagel, slow roasted tomato, avocado, tomato chilli jam, pumpkin seed pesto, wild rocket 
Poppy seed bagel, slow roasted tomatoes, caramelised onions, portobello mushroom, tomato chilli jam, baby spinach 


Galouti beef kebab, tzatziki
Grilled English asparagus, caramelised shallots, mustard and creme fraiche puff pastry tart
Isle of White cherry tomato, cucumber, kohlrabi, fennel, dill, mint, sumac and lemon dressing
Wild rice, quinoa, za’atar roasted courgette, broad bean, chervil, pistachio, preserved lemon

Gochujang chicken skewer, sesame seed, purple shiso cress
Kimchi pancakes with Gochujang mayonnaise v gf  allergen soya sesame
Rice noodles, raw courgette, Isle of White tomato, peanut, crispy lotus root, sambal
Kohlrabi, heritage radish, carrot, golden beetroot mint and coriander slaw, dashi dressing, sesame

Hake, samphire, kalamata olives, zahter, slow roasted Isle of White tomato, basil oil
Roasted baby potatoes, heritage radish, raw fennel, tarragon, chervil mustard and creme fraiche dressing
Tenderstem broccoli, English asparagus, runner bean,mint, chive, chipotle seeds, orange dressing

Coffee spiced Yorkshire grain fed chicken, mango cucumber lime chilli and coconut salsa
Spiced smoked tofu, ginger, spring onion cakes
Wild rice, quinoa, roasted red pepper, slow roasted Isle of White tomato, chipotle red onions, coriander lime and pumpkin seeds
Roasted aubergine, lemon yoghurt, urfa chilli, coriander, flaked almonds

Rosemary and parmesan crusted Yorkshire grain fed chicken supreme, slow roasted Isle of White tomato mayonnaise
Aubergine and courgette parmigiana
Grilled English asparagus, broad beans, peas, basil, flaked almond, lemon
Orzo, roasted red pepper, kale, pumpkin seed and basil pesto

Lemongrass, ginger, lime leaf, sesame fishcake, avocado yuzu cream
Black pepper,chilli, ginger, shallot, lemongrass tofu
Roasted butternut squash, kaffir lime yoghurt, ginger, chilli, wasabi peas, purple shiso cress
Rice noodle, miso walnut and kale pesto, tenderstem broccoli, edamame v gf allergen nut soya sesame

Harissa, preserved lemon, parsley, pumpkin seeds turkey kofta, urfa chilli yoghurt
Roasted mixed peppers, zhoug, cashew cream, mixed seeds
Coucous, flaked almond, parsley, coriander, pomegranate
Falafel, green tahini

Lemongrass, coconut, turmeric, kaffir lime, ginger and chilli prawns, satay sauce
Shitake, shimeji and smoked tofu tom kha
Chargrilled broccoli, sugarsnap, sesame and soy dressing, furikake
Millet and brown rice noodles, butternut squash, edamame, spring onion, mixed seeds sriracha dressing

Bomba calabrese, confit garlic and za’atar Yorkshire grain fed chicken supreme
Radicchio, baby spinach, wild rocket, baby gem, chive, pumpkin seeds citrus and  ginger dressing
Green beans, roasted shallots, slow roasted Isle of white tomatoes, pickled walnut dressing
Ragu lasagna  


Orange and almond cake, choclate ganache
Lemon and poppy seed cake
Matcha, almond and blueberry financier
Spiced plum and pistachio cake
Raspberry and hazelnut financier
Apple and cinnamon cake
Coconut macaroon 70% dark chocolate
Bitter chocolate and espresso cake
Blueberry and lime cake
Chocolate and earl grey pots
Chocolate and ginger cake
Chocolate cream and black tahini cake
Chocolate and espresso cake
Pavlova coconut summer berries
Peanut, chocolate and caramel shortbread
Chocolate and pecan brownie
Walnut and banana bread